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    Co-leading the effort to bring Victoria to victory!
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    Ux Designer and Maker!
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    Itinerant roboticist
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    Prediction markets, aerospace, and Linux geek. My wife (Joyce) and I run http://cdint.com. Former USAF, IBM, Chase Manhattan, NASA; old stuff @ stevegt.com, t7a.org, and infrastructures.org.
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    I taught an after school robotics class at a middle school and do a 2 week summer camp in Tracy, CA. Retired Electrical Engineer, programmed on micros to mainframes and internet. Want to build a robot for me... Like hacker scouts.
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    Went to school, got a job, that sort of thing.
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    Software developer at NASA (sadly not doing robotics work).
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    EE for many years, mechatronics
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    I'm a physicist living in Livermore with an interest in robotics, programming and machine learning.
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    I enjoy dancing, sewing, and designing/building human environments. I spend most of my time keeping my two kids out of trouble, managing a household, and trying to coordinate activities with family and friends.
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    Firmware Engineer with an interest in music, art, and creating things.
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    I'm a software engineer who is dangerous enough around hardware;-) I live with my family in Tracy;-)
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    Retired Computer Scientist. & Electronic Engineer with a passion for innovation
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    All around tinkerer.
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    Robotics and networked embedded systems engineer, currently in the Cyberphysical Systems group at Sandia National Laboratories, formerly of Anybots Inc. and MBARI,
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    I love building things of any description! I'm also director of Silicon Valley Robotics, founder of Robot Launchpad and write for Robohub.