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Robots and Animation in Marketing

Most people in business have heard of both “bots” and “marketing automation”, both terms have become vastly popular. But what do they mean and how could they apply to your business and marketing approach? Essentially the terms are referring to systems and virtual robots that help make your marketing easier and less time consuming. The systems could be used in various ways, such as; staying in touch with customers, generating leads and creating sales for your business.

Being in the Silicon Valley it is imperative to stay on top of your hustle, luckily technology is here to help along the way. Faim Marketing is an expert in using technology to maximize online marketing and sales operations. If you are a Business Owner/Manager or in a Sales/Marketing, we suggest you come check out our speaker Yussef Nesme (CEO of Faim Marketing) to learn how you could implement technology to streamline your marketing efforts. Here is what you’ll learn:

-5 Game Changing Tools that Will Boost Your Marketing
-Using Bots to Generate Leads
-What Technology to Avoid in Marketing
-How to Use Robots with a Human Touch
-3 Automation Gadgets That the Pros Use and How to Get Them FREE

About Our Speaker

Yussef Nesme is a Silicon Valley native and the CEO of Faim Marketing. Over the years in marketing, Yussef has built marketing systems that are revolutionizing the marketing industry. He serves as a consultant to many startups and businesses around the world, but his joy is helping startups and small businesses in his community. A lot of people know Yussef for being an active networker and a serial entrepreneur. He is a partner in several different businesses ranging from construction to technology, in each business he plays the role of marketing strategist and leverages his resources at Faim Marketing to grow his other endeavors. It’s also a known fact he is a proud member of the Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce.

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