What we're about

The purpose of this group is to get some long-distance riders together, so they have partners to ride with.

I love long rides with a lot of climbing. For the near term, I'll be riding a lot in the Santa Ana Mountains.

I also sometimes run these trails. I ran up Mt. Baldy in 2016.

I'm currently on a cyclocross bike on the trails, and a racing bike on the roads.

I also do long road rides too, sometimes 80-100 miles or more.


I love bike touring. Thus far, I've toured in mexico, Japan, China, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, myanmar, canada, and, of course, the US. Would love to find some partners for upcoming tours too.

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Locals Irvine and Newport Beach Hillclimbing

Turtle Rock, Irvine, CA

Harding Truck TT

Cook's Corner

Weeknight hills

Turtle Rock, Irvine, CA

Harding Truck TT

Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary

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