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RocAgile welcomes all Agile practitioners and people interested in Agile. We are people iterating for a better method or value in the office, school, or other settings - using Scrum, Kanban, or our own tailored mix of practices.

Come share what is working, brainstorm about what isn't, and try new techniques together.

Iteration 1:

• An informal planning meeting to decide what we will do at the main meeting. All are welcome!

• Main meeting to include lean-coffee style discussions (agenda assembled from participants, prioritized by interest) and deliberate time for feedback.

• Repeat the cycle monthly.

Iteration 2:

• The general description from Iteration 1 plus...

• Sometimes do Agile learning games instead of Lean Coffee discussions

Iteration 3:

• The general description from Iteration 2 plus...

• Guest presenters/facilitators on topics of interest to members. The backlog of topics is on Trello https://trello.com/b/MnGRVYAW

Note: Attendees can get Scrum Alliance SEUs by entering the event information on their dashboards. More details available upon request.

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RocAgile: Liberating Structure on Liberating Structures

Liberating structures have made their way into our facilitation as common tools to be used. At this meetup, let's dig into so of the most common Liberating Structures that are used in Agile facilitation.
This is not an in-depth understanding of the micro-structures but rather have a quick overview of what they are and how popular they are in the Agile community.

Explored structures are Conversation Café. 1-2-4-All, User Experience Fishbowl, 25/10, and Ecocycle Planning.

Andy N will be facilitating

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RocAgile: Difficult People

Online event

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