What we're about

Hello! This group is aimed at folks who love going out to the movies, but don’t always have someone to go with.

We’ll try to meet at the lobby 20 minutes beforehand to mingle and socialize! We may even meet before or after for food/drinks.

All are welcome to organize after activities, and let’s coordinate ride sharing/car pooling for those who need it.

Upcoming events (2)

RiffTrax: Star Raiders @ TinselTown IMAX

Cinemark Tinseltown USA & IMAX

The original MST3K gang in their encore performance of...making a hole buncha fun of this old stinker, Star Raiders! (If this sounds familiar, it's because I copied and pasted!) You have to buy tickets ahead of time here: https://www.fathomevents.com/events/rifftrax-live-star-raiders Movie starts at 7:30, let's try to meet ahead of time at 7. Summary from rifftrax.com: It’s the year 2762. The galaxy is plagued with warring factions using hokey special effects to destroy each other. Out of this chaos a hero rises: the dashing, exquisitely bearded Captain Saber Raine (Casper Van Dien). Saber and his elite squad of commandos (other actors) embark on a dangerous quest to save the Prince and Princess of an unnamed planet from the clutches of the Evil Overlord Sinjin - an overlord so evil HIS VERY SKULL IS FILLED WITH CHERRY JELL-O. Can our heroes fend off Sinjin’s army of mutant androids and rescue the Prince and Princess? Probably! After all it’s Space Opera, but you never know! Join Mike, Kevin and Bill for an unforgettable Sword-And-Laser Swashbuckling-ly fun time, beamed to theaters nationwide!

The Dirty Kind @ TBD

Pittsford Cinema 9

https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/the_dirty_kind "Raymond (DUKE WILLIAMS), a young private investigator specializing in divorce, gets too ambitious and takes on a case that involves more than just snapping pictures of cheating couples. While searching for the estranged daughter of a client, he discovers that she works as a stripper under the name Natalie Cottontail (VICTORIA WALLACE ). Natalie's exploits bring together a desperate collection of lost souls - sucking everyone down a drain of despair." Time and location when it comes out, which will be spring or summer.

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Rochester International Film Festival

Dryden Theatre at the George Eastman Museum

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