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What is Sustainable Software and How Do We Create It?

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This month, we have a guest from out of town Ken Auer and his Rochester-based coworker Gary Passero. Below is a paste of what they sent for the talk.

How do we get “sustainable software”?
● Rock Star coders?
● Full-stack developers?
● Detailed documentation?
● Outstanding Quality Assurance?

Although some of these can help, none are the most important. For this evening, we will give an overview on why “Two Sets of Eyes” and “Test-Driven Development" are the two most important factors in creating sustainable software. We will introduce some techniques for Test-Driven Development and then practice it together with Two Sets of Eyes. Bring your laptops and get ready to get immersed!


Ken Auer​ is the Founder and Master Craftsman of RoleModel Software. RoleModel serves Innovative businesses who value collaboration and craftsmanship in the creation of sustainable software systems to solve complex business problems. Ken leads and mentors some of the most talented software craftsmen in the custom mobile and web-development industry. Since the 1980's when Ken first began applying object-oriented software techniques, his passion and commitment to software craftsmanship has made him one of the most respected pioneers in software development. In 2001, he co-authored the book “Extreme Programming Applied: Playing to Win!” as a straightforward guide to using Agile practices in the software industry. Ken delivered the keynote address at the inaugural SCNA conference where the organizers introduced him as "the father of software craftsmanship."Ken's success is based in part on his founding RoleModel Software in 1997 with the belief that the most effective way of furthering the software craft is through mentorship. Ken believes his greatest career accomplishments are the high-integrity software developers he has mentored and the numerous high-quality systems he has built to deliver excellent user experiences.

Gary Passero​ is an experienced Software Craftsman who quickly gains an understanding of the business purpose behind the application. He combines an understanding of business needs with deep technical knowledge to deliver software that adds real business value. In addition to building great software, Gary is passionate about building deep personal relationships with the teams he works with because it is consistent with his calling to work in a manner that honors God. With over 20 years of software development experience, Gary has delivered desktop, server,embedded and web applications in a variety of industries. Gary is the inventor of several innovative technologies that are patented or have patent-pending status.