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We're doing Old Tech lightning talks! Give a talk on any tech, any topic that existed before your 10th Birthday.

Ideas could include
- Telegraphs; how they work and how they changed society.
- How the USA scored the country code 1.
- How basic semaphore works.
- How to use an abacus.

We're going to target 5 minutes per talk to give everyone a chance "on stage", but we engineers tend to go over estimates by 20%. You can bring slides--we'll have a projector--but don't think that's a requirement.

If you know you want to give a talk, comment down below. If you don't have a topic, no worries; you can decide one minute before the last person finishes. And if you just don't want to talk, but you want to learn a little about a lot, that's fine, too, but I recommend giving it a try. None of us is as smart as all of us, and everyone has something they can share for a couple minutes.