NLP and Hypnotic language patterns

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Hi everyone and welcome newcomers.

During this meetup we will be exploring how to use NLP Language patterns for relaxation, trance and even more ... The Milton Model is a set of language patterns that were developed by Dr Richard Bandler - the co creator of NLP. When Dr Bandler modeled the successful client work of Milton Erikson he noticed that Milton used language in an incredibly elegant way ... These patterns now form a huge piece of the NLP tool kit and can be used to help people to achieve even more success and happiness in their life. Specifically we will be practicing hypnotic trance inductions and deep relaxation ... You will be learning how to easily access meditative states in yourself and others ... Imagine now peacefully going quiet on the inside ... softening your internal voice and guiding yourself easily into a deepening state of tranquility ... How good does it feel to breath softly and gently and to drift easily in your mind to all those relaxing moments you have had in your life ... Maybe on a holiday, maybe somewhere else ... Looking forward to seeing you...