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February is "SELECTIONS PART 2" Month
Let's finish what we started last month by continuing down that list of selection tools, and adding one or two more that are hiding elsewhere on the PS screens. To those who were with us last time, practice dragging shaped selections with those marquis tools, adding and subtracting from existing selections, and saving and loading selections from the selection dropdown menu at the top of your screens. I'm also excited about turning that mask that we shot with the lights off into an actual finished project! Masks are to selections, as cash is to assets. You can go back and forth between the two with a single click; and when you've got one, you've got the other. Unlike cash though, once you've mastered masks and selections, nobody can take them away from you! We'll cover the rest of the standard selection tools -- also the pen tool, FOCUS SELECTIONS, color range, and my long-time goto: Quick mask mode. We'll also spend some time with the REFINE SELECTION dialog on one of the toughest selection challenges of all: Fly-away hair. Sorry LR fans: This one will be 100% PS. We do love you though, and we hope you'll join us anyway!

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