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Lamberton Conservatory SFE (Shoot For Edit)

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Let's get Spring started with a flower shoot! Never afraid to follow a good lead by our friends at Nature Photography, we're happy to announce our own "Shoot For Edit" (SFE) at the Lambert Conservatory. The timing of this outing is perfect to allow uploads to our site by all those attending, and we'll spend most of our regular monthly meeting the following Wednesday reviewing member uploads, and discussing editing possibilities for each.

The Spring setting has been installed at the conservatory, and that tends to bring in a lot of visitors. Management has asked that we use good judgment with the use of our tripods so as to not interfere with other viewers, but traffic shouldn't be too much of a problem, especially for those who arrive early Saturday morning (i.e. 10:00). We've put a cap on attendance at 25 with an automatic waiting list.

Watch for more information here as the date approaches, and remember that flowers are more than just flowers at our events: They're great opportunities to somehow grow our photography and editing skills. We won't be doing any tutorials at this one, but be sure to have your own "must try" list of new skills to work on. Bracketing for HDR? Blurring the waterfalls? DOF compressions? Mine will include darkening backgrounds with an ND (neutral density) filter, then re-lighting the nearby subject with flash. I'll also be carrying a ball-head monopod that can be used under the armpit to steady hand-held shots, or that can double as a light pole with a Speedlite flash attached for off-camera lighting. What fun! Don't ever hesitate at these events to ask another member how to do something - especially if they look like they know what they're doing : )

According to the RokWiki website for the Conservatory (, Tickets are $3 for adults and $2 for 62 and up (YESS!!! : )