Past Meetup


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After all the preaching from this pulpit about getting healthy captures in the first place, now we turn around and devote a whole meeting to the top ten ways to fix poorly shot pictures in post-production?? Sure! Even healthy people get sick sometimes, and the same is true for our photos.

We'll have our usual fun at this meeting, starting out with a couple of videos, followed by our review of SOME of the uploads by members from Friday's seagull and sunset shoot. Then let's run down a list of what I'll be calling the top ten tools for fixing flaws in pictures. No, I certainly don't expect that everyone will agree with my choices, but what if we let ADOBE give us some hints as to which ones are at the top of THEIR list?

Each tool will get a concentrated demo lasting between five and ten minutes, and our goal will be to cover SOMETHING of interest and value to everyone there - no matter what your skill level - AND, to include skills that you'll be able to use that night when you go home on your own computers. Even if you're not a habitual note-taker, you might want to slip a couple of 3x5 cards and a pencil stub into your shirt pocket for this one, just in case.

It's not too late to RSVP, and of course we'll love it if you bring a friend along too!