Unlike last month when we tried this, the weather forecast for Friday is good. This date provides an excellent opportunity to photograph a sunset on the Erie Canal, then turn around and shoot the Moonrise over Schoen Place. The timing is perfect to catch the Moon in the Belt of Venus (that pink band of sky opposite the sunset) reflecting in the picturesque canal in Pittsford.

If you stick around long enough you can also do some night photography in the area. Anyone want to bring some steel wool and give the "spinning sparks" thing a try later down on the canal?

Plan to park in the little lot beside Woodbridge Realty at the corner of Schoen Place and North Main Street. Gather on the bridge. The realty office will be closed, and the wine store and bike rental store close at 8 p.m. so hopefully no one will try to chase you out of the lot.

It would be helpful before the meetup if you could check your camera's manual and be sure you understand how to set your camera for "auto bracketing." A tripod isn't necessary but it's certainly helpful. Without a tripod you'll need to rest your camera on the bridge railings and that can lead to motion blur and the risk of dropping your expensive camera in the canal!

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