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Flask, the Responsive Web, and You

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[I apologize for the lateness of this meetup event, I had not realized it wasn't posted yet.]

Currently, I am using Flask and learning more about the responsive web for a number of my projects.

Flask ( is a microframework for Python based on Werkzeug, Jinja 2. Also, Skeleton ( is a template that uses responsive web design, a method of designing websites that maintains an optimal user experience regardless of the device used (i.e. laptop, phone, tablet).

For this meetup I'd like to give you an overview of my experience using Flask and responsive web design methodologies.

I am not a web designer or web programmer by profession, so this talk should be ideal for those who are interested in writing robust, nice-looking but modest websites using Flask for small to medium projects.

Location Information

The map link above for our location is not sufficient, so I have a more detailed and annotated map that should be referenced:

A map ( to Bausch and Lomb Hall at the University of Rochester

(parking and walking directions)

The meeting will be in Bausch and Lomb Hall, room 407.

• Find the elevator, go to the 4th floor and exit to your right.

• At the end of the hall, make another right.

• Walk to the very end of the hall past the fire doors.

• You are now at Room 407.

• Network Access Internet access is readily available.

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