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Shadowrun Journal

Sean C. J. B.
user 10259477
Rochester, NY
Post #: 38
OK, so I thought I might keep a log of our Shadowrun campaign here on this thread. We had our first meetup on Thursday April 25th. If anyone wants to add more info that I might have missed feel free. It took us a while to look over our characters and learn the rules a little, but here are the characters that are in the group right now (as listed by Frank the GM):

Alex Human Technomancer Ven
Evan Human Smuggler Dax Barlowe
Ben Elf Combat Mage Jimmy Smitz
Sean P. Human Covert-Ops Specialist Samikuzuki/ Sam Fuku
Sean B. Human Hacker Vincent
Mike Ork Gunslinger Adept Chung Lee
Drew Troll Street Samurai (character name unknown)

Hopefully everyone’s character will have a name by the end of next session.
All of the characters know each other and have worked together in the past. The game started out on Friday, April 15th, 10PM at a meeting in the back of a club in the barrens district of Seattle named Loveland Quinn’s.
Note that Vincent is an albino and another character (possibly Alex’s?) has a mild allergy to sunlight, so the group prefers to do all its work at night when possible.
Everyone knows a fixer by the name of Maggie, and walking into Quinn’s we noticed a few members of a local elf go-gang called the Princes guarding the place. We walked into the back room and Maggie gave us the gist of what we were being hired for.
(As Described by Frank) Several samples of anti-virals/pathogens plus samples of VITAS III sent secretly (illegally) to currently unnamed, obscure research facility by employees of Universal Omnitech owned facility (which group previously had made a successful run on weeks earlier). Also sent to this facility via local health clinics used by the poor were several metahuman children (dwarf, elf, ork, and troll), one of which is the daughter of the street doc known to the Troll Street Samurai. This facility is located in the Redmond Barrens in the area known as the "Verge."
Maggie would provide us with 20K Y each for rescuing the children from the facility, and for finding incriminating evidence to expose the facility’s illegal activities. At about this time a few of the group members heard something happening out in the bar area. Vincent and Jimmy were clueless to what was going on when someone sliced their way into the room through the door with a katana.
Fighting broke out with what would later be determined to be members of the Octagon Triad. A couple of the Princes were slaughtered by the Triad on the way in, but everyone that came through the door to the back room was shot down or hacked to pieces by Jackie with his twin semiautomatic pistols and the troll with his massive katana. Dax got a few shots off but also took a bullet to the chest. Out of 9 Triad members, 4 were killed in the back room along with their leader who was quickly butchered. All of this happened in under 10 seconds.
While all this was going on, Sam was working on the emergency exit, the only other way out of the backroom, with a maglock skeleton card key. The technomancer jumped in to check out the security cameras to gather some intelligence on what was happening in the main club area and the surrounding area in the outside streets. He saw the remaining 4 Triad members pulling out, but the group managed to capture one of them on the way out. The technomancer caught theTriad escape vehicle on camera but could not make out the license plate. Dax nearly activated his van remotely to run it through the back of the building to get us out of there but luckily we handled the situation without him risking his vehicle.
After questioning the captured Triad member we learned that the Triad was hired by a mister Smyth (who also happens to be one of Dax’s other contacts) to kill Maggie and dissuade the rest of the group from running their mission on the facility.
With Jimmy as the group Face, we negotiated for 24k a piece and a possible bonus since we had the Triad after us and Universal Omnitech knew that we were planning on doing a run against their facility.
So there we ended in the back room of the bar making plans to research whatever we can find out about the facility before we make our run. At least we know they might be waiting for us from the information we got out of the Triad member.
A former member
Post #: 45
The barrens referred to are the Puyallup Barrens, not be confused with the Redmond Barrens. The bar mostly caters to soldiers (current and former) from nearby Fort Lewis district -- "Maggie" is the elvish son of a former Fort Lewis soldier by the way. There were only 8 Octagon Triad attackers (7 soldiers and one lieutenant). The Triad took down two of the Princes (local elf go-gang) and were deployed with lieutenant plus two soldiers attacking meeting room, 3 soldiers laying down cover fire in the bar, and remaining two hiding in alley waiting to ambush anyone using rear fire door. Lucky it was a military bar as the patrons were a bit more armed than expected and were disciplined enough to return fire after initial surprise. Dax was shot when he peeked out rear fire door. Triad losses = lieutenant and 3 soldiers KIA with the badly wounded soldier soon to join them after some intense questioning, remaining 3 escaped in nearby van marked with business logo of a chinese fish-mongering concern in the harbor area. The lieutenant was also a physical adept
Sean C. J. B.
user 10259477
Rochester, NY
Post #: 39
May 9th 2013

First some of the players finished choosing names for their characters as follows:
Mikes character Jackie Chan was changed to Chung Lee
The Technomancer's name is now Ven
Drew wasn't there so his troll still does not have a name.

Started out with the mage Jimmy scouting out the facility that we were going to do the run on in astral space through astral projection. He made his way into Redomond barrens and got within 300 meters when he got spooked by a couple of high ranking Lone Star magical security coming out to confront him in astral space. He immediately returned to his body.
Vincent and Ven proceeded to hack into the facility to take a look around. Entering the facility in cyberspace, they found themselves at a virtual train station of the wild west with a helipad for aircraft located across the tracks. There was a big sign reading Ranier Research overhead, and after taking a look around discovered that this was an external node used to control air traffic to and from the place. There was no way to hack into the research facility without being physically present inside the complex walls.
Vincent talked to his matrix contact inside a matrix club inside cyberspace and learned that the facility is funded by Brackhaven Investments corporation which is run by Seattle's governor Kenneth Brackhaven.
Sam contacted a Johnson that goes by Oracle and learned about the VITAS delivery and that the delivery guy was killed in an accident hours after he "lost" his shipment.
Dax with Jimmy and Sam by his side made his way into club Penubra in downtown Seattle to confront his contact Mr. Smyth who had set up the attack on them in Quinn's in Puyalup. After talking around the bush about the missing VITAS shipment and the Ranier facility, Smyth figured out that he was talking to the runners that he had hired the hit on. He somewhat apoligized for setting up the hit because of the tainted nature of the clients who had hired him to stop the runners. Apparently they were related in some way to the racist organization Alamos 40k and the Humanis Policlub. He provided a satellite image of the Ranier facility for no charge for all the trouble we had been through.
Jimmy at one point also had his talismonger contact take a look at the sword focus of the mob leader and learned that it was a level 1 weapon focus.
The group made plans on how to get into the facility which according to Smyth was heavily guarded with around 50 Lone Star sercurity. We found some old plans for the sewer system near the facility but learned that there were toxic spirits and possibly shamans living down there. We thought it might be a good idea to take our chances down there and get in that way.
Next time we should be ready to storm the facility.
This leaves us at Friday night April 16th if I am correct.
Hopefully Drew will be coming back, he added a lot to the group!!
A former member
Post #: 46

When the session ended, time had advanced about 24 hours later after the talk with Mr. Smyth (April 16th, 2072, late Saturday night). Also, it should be pointed out that the Redmond Barrens is a vast wasteland of a district due to radioactive zones (aka "Glow City"), many illegal dumping grounds of waste and toxic substances. Most inhabitants are squatters, the homeless, various street and go-gangers, and the few areas of civilization are either corporate fortresses or underworld run communities (mostly the mafia and the yakuza). The Verge is a fought over area with squatters and gangers about and is a wasteland of abandoned buildings, dead vegetation, and lotsa volcanic ash ground coverage due to Mt. Rainiers explosive eruption many years before...this is the group's destination. It should be pointed out that when the combat mage entered astrally, he found that even the astral plane felt "dirty" due to all the death,decay, and toxicity of the region.
Sean C. J. B.
user 10259477
Rochester, NY
Post #: 40
There is a place known in the Redmond Barrens as the Crash Zone where a spaceplane carrying a Corporate Court Justice went down destroying eveything in a 3 klick radius. On the edge of a zone was a prison which the prisoners took over. So a huge area of Redomond is run by a massive gang much like you would see in the movie Escape From New York. Here's a quote describing it from the Seattle Sourcebook 2072: "{The remains of the Reformatory and surrounding area are the center of a neofeudal
fiefdom of sorts. It has had several self-declared “kings,” each of whom has killed his predecessor in one way or another, usually single combat. The
current undisputed ruler of the Crash Zone is a troll called King Mungo, a massive
killer with more scars than skin and tattoos covering what’s left. He and his
followers are vicious animals who rule by terror, but stick close to their territory
for fear of attracting the attention of bigger predators that would wipe them
out in the blink of an eye if their “kingdom” became of the least concern to
> Riser" This reminds me of the gang that kidnapped the president in Escape from New York, not sure how Frank might portray it.

Also I edited the date to the 16th instead of the 26th.
A former member
Post #: 48
Drew (troll street samurai) and Ben (elf combat mage) have withdrawn due to real life issues, good luck to both. Have also quickly recruited two new people for the June 6th meet-up.

After formulating a plan to use the Redmond sewers, the group soon discovered that modern sewers/wastewater systems now use pipes in the 8" diameter range in modern suburban areas. They then planned to use a nearby abandoned water treatment plant as a base of operations and infiltrate the target facility through the woods to the north. To get there, they planned on using the smuggler's step-van and a stolen RV with off-road capabilities. The plan to steal the RV involved the smuggler going in to a used RV Dealership along the border between the fairly wealthy region of Bellevue and the much poorer Redmond Barrens and taking the RV for a "test" drive. The group was successful in setting up a mock car-jacking, knocking the poor salesman out cold, and getting into Redmond.
Once in Redmond, the group traveled until they came upon a group of the Crimson Crushers Ork go-gang running a "toll" area to extort travellers of goods and valuables. The ork gunslinger adept was successful in talking the gang into running interference for the group at the target facility while they conducted their infiltration...however, this would be now coming from the south as the northern areas consisted of squatters in a makeshift "fortress: neighborhood to the NW, and a large gang of ghouls lead by a "toxic" shaman ghoul king who were laired in the water treatment plant ruins. The group made their way to a ruined neighborhood to the south of the target facility and discovered Death had been here in the form of some deadly virus. Checking the diary found on a body in the road they discovered that scientists from their destination had come several weeks ago promising free test vaccinations to the squatters here and gave them the deadly VITAS virus instead, killing everyone. There were also indications that the senior Lone Star security Mage seemed pleased at the suffering and had rather "Toxic" pets with him...current game time: 4 pm, Sunday, April 17th, 2072, about 600 meters south of target facility...
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