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I'm starting a group to explore various things we can do with Rope...
Rock: Rock climbing,
There are 2 primary walls I know of out here and both have their strengths Makapu'u is very very pretty, easy access and is a great place for beginners, perfect place to learn the ropes. If you're just getting started or want to work on your skills this a great place for you. This is a top rope set up
The second is Mokue'ia This is also primarily a top rope wall though it is bolted for lead climbing the routes here are considerably more challenging, It also more difficult to get to and generally more populated. This is where the majority of climbs will be once we have a regular group of climbers.
I have rope and enough gear for me, if you're a visitor Aloha Climb rents shoes belay and harness for a very reasonable price.
I am mostly a sport climber I generally climb top route as that's whats available out here but I have gear to lead climb. I have done minimal Trad climbing but don't have the gear for it, nor the expertise. I am not a huge fan of bouldering though I have done some. I am willing to join a bouldering group if enough people want to do that as an activity.

Root: Tree Climbing
I know next to nothing about this sport except I've heard its popular here on the islands and I've run across a few people doing it, and it sounds like fun. This is tree climbing with gear to the tops of very high trees. If anyone one wants to teach me ( and a group) how to do this I'm game.

Rappel: Rappelling, specifically waterfall
I hike a lot and I keep stumbling across tall waterfalls with bolts and rigging which means there must be a group of people out there with skills. I'm hoping to join up with them and play. I have gear and have rappelled before mostly in conjunction with rock climbing but never down a waterfall. Looks amazing though.

I've also got a slack line for those who want to work on that and at some point would like to set up some high line adventures for those interested

About Me: I've been climbing on and off for about 10 years. I have just recently gotten back into it after about a 4 year Hiatus, so my skills aren't what they once were. I was a 5.12 climber at one point and these days I'm playing in the 5.9 - 5.10 arena. I'm new to slack lining and want to explore more Rappelling. I'm a string belay and a patient teacher.

I'm hoping this group will bring together like minded individuals who like to climb, like to teach and like to hang out with similar minded people. It's a beautiful island to explore and there's some amazing people here to explore it with.

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DISCLAIMER NOTICE: RELEASE OF LIABILITY "Root Rock and Rappel", including the Organizer, Co-Organizer, Assistant Organizers, Event Organizers, club's members, and other hikers with whom you hike. Knowing of this notice, by participating in any hikes/events posted on this or any other site are the responsibility of those who participated. "Root Rock and Rappel" are not liable for any loss, damages, legal fees, medical fees, injury or death incurred as a result in participating in any of our hikes, climbs or events. Each person who participates accepts responsibility of making their own determinations and for their own safety, conduct and well being; recognizes that possible hazards when attending outdoor activities and agrees to participate solely at your own risk. Always double check equipment and question anything you feel uncomfortable about.

It all distills to this: Use caution and take care of yourself. Know your limitations and be realistic about them. When in doubt ask! Of course have fun but also take care of yourself

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Makapu'u Upper Parking Lot


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Makapu'u Upper Parking Lot

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