What we're about

Rock The Boat Podcast is building a community of Asian Americans charting unconventional creatives. If you're an entrepreneur, creative, technologist, entertainer, someone looking to break through the bamboo ceiling, or someone who has a sick side hustle, we want to meet you!

Each week, we feature an Asian American and speak to them about things we don't usually talk about within our community. We touch on topics such as civic engagement, mental health, definitions of success, taking on an unconventional career, and more. You can listen to Season 1 on iTunes, Spotify, Anchor, or wherever you get your podcasts. You can visit us on our website at www.gorocktheboat.com or reach out to us at hello@gorocktheboat.com.

As we grow the community, we want to host panels, wellness events, and round table discussions with our fellow Asian Americans. Friends of AAs welcome!

Lucia Liu & Lynne Guey
Cofounders of Rock The Boat

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