• Fun Photo Workshop

    Piovano Room, Rockbridge Regional Library

    Have you ever wondered what happens to the filament in a light bulb when exposed to air? Or the stages of lighting a match? Or dropping water on an oil film? This and more obscurities we will photograph in a fun workshop on Wednesday, April 24 in the Rockbridge Main Library Piovano Room at 6 pm. Bring your camera, charged batteries and a tripod to this fun event. No experience necessary to photograph these activities, as we will provide instruction.

  • Shotluck and light Dinner at Historic Masonic Theatre

    Historic Masonic Theatre

    Our 2019 Shotluck will be at the Historic Masonic Theatre in Clifton Forge. NOTE CHANGE IN DAY FROM NORMAL. Meet in theater Underground Lounge for light dinner and drinks beginning at 6:00 followed by the Big Show at 7:00. Guests can join us for dinner for a $8.00 contribution. Please bring exact change. Dinner will be sandwich wraps, chips and cookies plus wine and sparkling water. If you need special dietary considerations, please call the Club Car Deli and arrange directly. Everyone invited to the show. Invite your family and friends! Please RSVP to the dinner by Tuesday May 14 for the food order. More details on Shotluck submissions to come by email to all club members and reviewed at the April meeting.

  • Fast & Furious: The Workshop

    King Family Vineyard

    We will travel to the King Family Vineyard in Crozet on Sunday, June 2, for a polo match and photograph the horses and riders as they compete. You will have an opportunity to apply what you learned at the September RCC Fast & Furious Program, shooting using the shutter (or time value) mode on your camera. Bring your camera, telephoto zoom lens (if you have one) and tripod. Point and shoot cameras should also work, as we should be located near center field, close to the action. Help will be available to assist in setting up your camera. The King Family Vineyard has a great polo field, plus the scenery at this location is spectacular. Matches are from 1 to 3 pm on Sundays and admission is free. In addition to the photo opportunities, the matches are also great tailgating events. The club will provide several canopy tents for shade. Bring chairs, food and soft drinks/water. State law does not allow spectators to bring in alcoholic beverages, however, the winery will have wine for sale and consumption on site. The King Family Vineyard is in Crozet, right off Interstate 64 at exit 107, less than a one-hour drive from Lexington. Please plan to arrive from noon to 12:30 pm to allow setup time prior to the match. Detailed directions will be provided later to members that sign up. This workshop is only open to members of the Rockbridge Camera Club.