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This is a group for Anyone looking to Learn more about Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and the Revolutionary Blockchain Technology that operates them!

The world of Crypto can be a Very intimidating place... but Believe me when I say that the technology behind them, and the opportunity they offer, is not to be FEARED but rather UNDERSTOOD and then Capitalized on! Blockchain tech IS the next Evolutionary step in Global Finance and a Revolutionary concept that is literally shaping and changing the world for the better as you Read this! The best part about getting involved now is that you are SO EARLY!! Did you know less than 0.75% people on the planet are invested in Cryptocurrencies?! By joining this group I will show you the many different options to get started in a Safe & Secure manner!

These meetings will mostly be Informative with a MasterMind mentality. The goal of these Meetups will be to answer any questions and address any concerns that participants may have regarding Bitcoin & other Cryptocurrencies... all while having some amazing Pizza, drinks, and fun! :-) I promise you will leave these meetups more informed, inspired to get others involved, and with a full belly!

I am Very Grateful for this opportunity to share Everything that I have learned over my 7 years in the Crypto World with you all! It has been a WILD Roller Coaster Ride and I couldn't more excited for what the future has to offer! I look forward to hosting these and meeting all you wonderful people that are eager to learn about this exciting new world of Crypto! Cheers!

Please feel Free to Connect with me on https://www.linkedin.com/in/patrickbrinkman


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