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Weekly Hike in Pawtuckaway State Park

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Weekly meet-up to explore the hiking trails of Pawtuckaway State Park. Each week we'll try to get a little further/see a little bit more until we've managed to hike every single trail (or as close as we can come until the snow stops us).

We'll be aiming for easy/moderate hikes - no iron rung ladders, no scaling rocks/cliff faces, etc. - of about 2-3 miles to start. Expected duration of hikes is 2-4 hours (my knees aren't the greatest and I'm not an experienced hiker, so we'll be going slow and probably stopping to catch our breath frequently). The terrain may range from flat, dirt roads of relatively even keel to rough, uphill terrain with rocks, exposed roots, mud, puddles, and rocks that require scrambling over (and up). We'll never know what we'll encounter until we hit it, so attendees should have good mobility and a sense of humor and adventure but do not have to be super fit - we'll go at a slow/moderate pace, with lots of stopping to rest :-)

Attendees should wear appropriate shoes (hiking boots or sneakers) and should bring plenty of water (2 bottles at least), snacks, bug spray, a first aid kit, and a Pawtuckaway State Park Trail Map (found here: You may also want to bring hiking/walking poles, a camera, and/or binoculars. The goal of these hikes is to get outside, enjoy nature, see some beautiful scenery, and to relax/have fun (while challenging ourselves physically). If we see something interesting, we may linger.

We'll meet at the intersection of Reservation Road and Tower Road. Reservation Road becomes a dirt road about 0.9 miles after you turn onto it from Tandy Road. At the first intersection (Reservation Road and Round Pond Road), bear right (stay on Reservation Road). At the next intersection, park your car (Reservation Road and Tower Road). You'll know you're in the right place because there's a yellow diamond sign at the intersection with arrows pointing to "Fire Tower" and "Dead End." You'll be parking on the side of the road wherever you can find space - please be sure to pull off the road as much as you can to allow adequate room for other vehicles and try to all park on the same side of the road, again, to leave adequate room for other vehicles that may be continuing down Reservation or Tower Roads. You may not be able to park right at the intersection and may have to go a bit of a ways down the road and walk back.


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