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What’s Your Story?

A 6-week Workshop Series on Recreating Your Story.

We live our lives according to our stories. They are the system of beliefs that tell us what a mother should be, how children should act, what spouses or partners should say or do - how life is supposed to be.

The problem is that most of these stories have been written for us, not by us. Since they aren't our own, they pull us away from who we really are. They keep us from connecting deeply with our authentic selves and those around us.

This workshop will provide a safe, nurturing space for mothers to support one another in peeling back the layers of their stories. You will learn how to raise your energetic vibration, connect with your authentic self, and envision and create what you really want for yourself and your family.

What would motherhood feel like if it were free from expectation and judgment?

Come share your stories & unload.

Then, learn how to step out of them and into the life you’re meant to live.

Without stories that say you should, can’t or won’t, you can do anything.

You can release your past frame of reference & rewrite your story.

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