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Wednesday Evening Meditation, Tea and Conversation
WEDNESDAY: Nov.14th, Seeing in Darkness with David Weinstein Koan: “Our Way is like being in darkness. Those in the light cannot see a single thing in the darkness, whereas those who are in darkness can see everything in the light.” - Wenshi (Image: Yayoi Kusama - Infinity Mirrored Room @ recent exhibition 2018 David Zwirner Gallery, NY) Wenshi was a student of Lao-tzu, the 6th century B.C. sage, who is credited with the Tao Te Ching. In the Taoist/Buddhist text, 'The Secret of the Golden Flower', Wenshi is credited with the origination of the term, 'turning the light around'. The practice of turning the light around is the secret of the Golden Flower of awakening. The method of turning the light around is to be carried on whether walking, standing, sitting, or reclining, which sounds very 'Zen', but actually, it is Zen sounding very Taoist. The practice is described as looking back again and again into the source of mind, whatever you are doing, not sticking to any image of person or self at all. In this way the intellect functions in the world without conscious activity, the stories we have, that inhibit access to deeper resources in response to the moment as it arises. David __________________________ Join us every Wednesday evening at 7 PM for Meditation followed by tea, a talk on Zen Koans and conversation. You do not need any previous experience or introduction to participate. Everyone is welcome. What Can I Expect When I Visit? Location 5463 College Avenue Oakland, Ca 94618 Contact Us [masked] (510)[masked]

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