Rockstar Night: Object-Oriented Java Web Framework from Scratch

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Object-Oriented Java Web Framework From Scratch (Yegor Bugayenko - founder and CEO of Zerocracy)
Most of all Java web frameworks have very similar principles inside, which make them very easy to use at the beginning, but fall apart when things get more complicated. At the meetup we will make an attempt to create a new framework with different principles in mind, meaning better object-orientation, better encapsulation, and abstraction.

Cool beer after-party!!!


Yegor Bugayenko is a founder and CEO of Zerocracy, which replaces annoying bosses with AI bots; an OOP fundamentalist; an author of “Elegant Objects” book series; a provocative blogger at; a creator of Zold, a non-Blockchain cryptocurrency for fast micro-payments; a hands-on Java and Ruby programmer; a creator of Cactoos, Takes, JCabi, and Rultor; a philanthropist donating four thousand dollars annually to an open source award.