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Hey crew, With the Holidays upon us, RFI will adjust the schedule to accommodate. To keep RFI fresh, fun, and productive, I've been working with several members to program this and future meetings to include new and exciting content! For RFI December we will be holding a special Holiday Potluck. We ask that members each bring a dish to contribute to this. Our primary activity for this event will be the recording of comedic improv and skits. Both Adam and Harrison will be contributing ideas to this segment, and Adam will be leading this segment, as well as contributing methods and techniques from his acting education. All members are allowed to provide ideas for their own skits as well. The idea being that members can participate in both acting, and in production crew roles to record these skits. I will be providing my video equipment to share with the group, and welcome anyone else to contribute and participate with their video equipment. I've been in talks with members regarding the development of scripts, and we have many projects in the works. However, understanding that we are entering the Holidays, we must be mindful of the complex nature of all our schedules. That said, while I'm working with members to develop more advanced projects, I've also been working with members to program projects that we can do that are less intensive, yet still fun. My goal is to keep us productive, and to afford the opportunity for people to contribute ideas, and experiment while doing them! In the interim, I encourage members to reach out to me regarding the advancement of scripts, or film concepts that you have, that I can help you develop. My role as facilitator and producer is to make things happen. If you have an idea for a project, let me know, and I can organize our group resources to make that happen. We have a lot already in the works, so there should be no shortage of opportunity! Cheers Wes


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    This group is for anyone interested in collaborating in filmmaking! RFI is an active filmmaking group that is developing skits, short films, and episodic works. Our Meetup brings people together to present film ideas, collaborate in developing them, and bringing those into production.

    We welcome those both experienced and new to filmmaking to participate. For those new to filmmaking, we offer education and guidance to help you learn about technical process and creative development. For experienced filmmakers, we have crew and actors interested in participating in projects of all types.

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