Fundamentals of Empathic Communication


Group. We had a great discussion this past Monday. I wanted to help Mike advertise his event here. Please note I haven't vetted this event, but from the description and briefly talking with Mike it seems in line with something our group might enjoy. Please attend on your own accord.

The new date and time is Feb 16th from 2pm to 4pm.

Here is the eventbrite link that has all the information.

We move to step four of Marshall Rosenberg’s non-violent communication (NVC) process: making requests of others in order to meet our needs.
About this Event
They are said in clear, positive, concrete action, and they avoid telling someone to refrain from doing something.
They're specific enough to be do-able in the present.
They are not demanding: the other person can say “no” without fear of retribution. Could there be a compromise after?
We move to step four of Marshall Rosenberg’s non-violent communication (NVC) process: making requests of others in order to get our unfulfilled needs met.
Do you long for deeper connection with others including yourself?
Do you feel unable to communicate effectively at work or at home?
Do you ever worry about what other people might say to you when it comes to your feelings?
Are you tired of being misunderstood?
If you want help with these problems then the practice of Non-Violent Communication (NVC) can help.
Participants will walk away with:
• Better tools to communicate with their loved ones and at the workplace
• Greater ability for deeper connection with yourself and others.
• Feeling in control of responses to situations, produce healthier outcomes, and increase their confidence when expressing their feelings and needs.
• More knowledge on how to engage with people who are angry in a way that is likely to create connection.
Event is free and food is provided.
***Friendly request: Please (all participants) refrain from wearing perfume, cologne, and other fragrances, and use unscented personal care products in order to promote a fragrance-free environment. Some participants experience hypersensitivity to smells and/or have chemical sensitivities. ***

This practice uses empathy, mindfulness, and transparency to build community, navigate relationships, and deepen connection with yourself and others.
If you want more authenticity in your communication and relationships then please join us as we learn and begin to practice the process to achieve that and more.
The purpose of the group is to learn and practice communicating compassionately through the lessons of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and possibly other modalities.
People with an interest in improving their communication skills in all contexts would benefit from this group (relationships, parenting, leadership, coaching, organizations, etc).