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Hello friends and strangers, This Meetup was started to teach anyone and everyone interested in self-development and growth, the techniques and skills of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP for short. NLP is used to study and replicate patterns of success, in any area of YOUR life. Whether you are shy and wish to be more outgoing, or you experience anxiety in situations where you want confidence, or you feel stuck in a relationship and want resources to deal with those important people in your life, OR you simply have a fascination for how your mind works and wish to gain control over life.....This Meetup is for YOU. You do not need any prior knowledge of NLP to enjoy and learn from this Meetup, BUT... you will be expected to share your voice and participate in discussions and exercises. The best way to learn NLP and improve your skills in any area of your life is through experience, and I look forward to our experiences together.

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Past events (18)

NLP and HNLP Certification Training - Summer 2018

Washington DC Hypnosis Center

Centering to Handle Challenging Situations - Demonstration and Exercise

Washington DC Hypnosis Center

[Moved to June 5th] Centering to Handle Challenging Situations

Washington DC Hypnosis Center

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