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Across the street from the Ice Rink at Rockville Town Square

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This unique class will explore the relationship and development of brains in animals and humans. Audience: 7 years and older, parents are welcome to participate with their young kids.
Fees: $35 for separate classes, $90 for all 3 classes.
It is recommended but not obligatory to attend all 3 classes.

Class 1 of 3: February 15 (2 hours)
Brains brains brains!
Hands-on: Make clay brains - fish, reptiles, birds, cat/dog and human.
 Learn about the structure/function of different parts of your brain
 Why are they different? How do they work?
 Surprise the Broca's area to get the attention needed.

Class 2 of 3: February 22 (2 hours)
How does my brain work and just how fast is it?
Hands-on: Make a giant Neuron
 Learn about techniques that measure brain function
 Cortical Map: Homunculus
 Peripheral and autonomous nervous system
 What are neurons and how do they communicate
 Why neurons release different neurotransmitters?

Class 3 of 3: February 29 (2 hours)
How children and adults develop!
Hands-on: Make a Brain Hat
 How children and adults develop!
 Yes! There is physiology behind how and why we learn.
 How simple connections between neurons can differentiate us as individuals?
 Why making mistakes is good for us and can make us smarter?
 How making mistakes improve our working memory?
 What is a growth mindset and why should we embrace it?

Materials provided:
Air dry clay - Paint/brushes - Giant Neuron, Ping-pong balls - Neurotransmitters index cards - Brain Hat Sheet (left and right)

You can register more participants as guests, 15% off for a sibling.

Fees: $35 for separate classes, and $90 for all 3 classes.
Payment will be processed at the Center before class starts.
Cash or major credit cards. We use a secured Square system.