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Strategy Board Games - We're looking for a few new faces
Several of Us generally meetup 1-2 times a week to play strategy board games. These are not posted events. We do things the old fashion way via call calls & text. What is a Strategy Games? Not everyone knows so don't feel silly if you do not. Strategy games generally require you to pause & think carefully before you take your next turn. Look at the actions the person took before you; contemplate what that person may be going to do next; figure out how to stop someone from winning by blocking his plan & screwing him over. There is usually a balance you must find between messing someone else's plan up and making sure that you can complete your own plan to win. Strategy games have bigger rule books than Life & Uno. However, they are all very easy to play because they generally have 3-6 rules that you repeat over and over again when it's you're turn. There are always little cards in front of you that tell you those 3-6 rules. So if you know and love strategy games already you should RSVP. if you think you may enjoy something new we are a friendly, patience group that does not mind teaching. RSVP and eventually i'll see it and contact you directly for your #. Or just shoot me a message directly. We play in our private homes. So good hygiene & manners is a must. Respect the Feng Shui! These are games that I own and examples of what strategy games are. Most games rules can be watched and listened to on youtube! Above and Below (2015) Anomia (2010) Asgard (2012) Bananagrams (2006) Boss Monster 2: The Next Level (2015) Boss Monster: The Dungeon Building Card Game (2013) Brass: Birmingham (2018) Camel Up (2014) Castles of Mad King Ludwig (2014) Catan: Cities & Knights (1998) Citadels (2016 edition) (2016) Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game (2014) Hardback (2017) Kingsport Festival (2014) Letter Tycoon (2015) Munchkin Zombies (2011) Night of the Grand Octopus (2014) Petrichor (2017) Petrichor: Flowers (2017) Rise to Nobility (2017) Splendor (2014) Telestrations After Dark (2015) Mahjong - I am really looking for some people that want to learn and play this game!!!

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The DMV is fantastic but it can be the worst for friend finding. I just worked XXX hours at work and I'm ready to drink, eat, date, and/or play scrabble within decent proximity to my home! Why the hell do folks assume i want to meet them in DC every damn day of the week?!?! F that DC commute!

I may not be able to find some rando selling edibles on the corner but Rockville, Silver Spring, Germantown, Gaithersburg & Bethesda all have some dope spots.

Alpha male & female members need to request admin rights from me and post whatever gathering seems entertaining to them. You and your friend about to head over to get some Papusas and you wouldnt mind meeting some new faces, post the event. That simple. Who knew so many Locales enjoyed your favorite papusas spot!!

MAKE USE of the DISCUSSIONs button on the home screen. A simple way to communicate with others in this group in real time without giving them your real phone number! Aye! Shame I didnt have that option before giving two stalkers in-training my number years ago. Examples of ways to use DISCUSSIONs: "I need a drink in town. Who's available!?" "My date just flaked out, let's meetup at the RIO & turn up." "Did you see that last episode of ___. I have to talk to someone about that crazy shit."

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