Aurora - 88th - Strasburg - Quincy Loop (Challenge Series #1)


This road loop is ride #1 in the RMCC Challenge Series (

This ride has some of the best riding east of town and is a great way to get a long early season ride in!

We'll meet at the Wal*Mart at I-70 and Tower Road (NW corner of the lot) at 9:15. We'll then head east via 88th Avenue and then south into Strasburg. The loop the continues to the south and the challenging (for a flat ride) rollers on Quincy and then we head back north and west to Aurora.

The total loop is 81 miles. Looking for a shorter option? It is straightforward to return directly west from Strasburg which cuts the ride to 67 miles and omits the harder rollers.

Due to the length of the ride, this should be considered a drop ride although we will regroup on a periodic basis.

Regroup points:
--Conoco in Strasburg at mile 40
--Shell in Watkins at mile 69

I really enjoy this ride. It's scenic and has very little car traffic. Please join us!

Long route:
Short route:

Note: This is obviously time of the year when rides may need to be rescheduled/changed due to weather. If you're interested in this ride please RSVP so you'll be notified in the event there are changes.

Finally, non-dues-paying members are welcome and invited to join us on any ride! After three rides we do ask that you join the club:

For our Challenge Series rides, we like to have a second ride leader to help make the rides more friendly. Please PM me if you are willing to help out!