Golden/Bergen/Evergreen Big Climbing Ride (Challenge Series #4)


This road loop is ride #4 in the RMCC Challenge Series (

This ride takes in all of the best roads in the Golden/Bergen Park/Evergreen area and puts them into one ride to make for a great day of climbing! We will climb Lookout, Floyd Hill, Saddleback, Stagecoach, Witter Gulch, and Grapevine. A few other hilly roads are also included as part of our approach to avoid as much car traffic as possible. And yes, you'll probably get to try some roads you've never been on before!

We will meet at the Coors Tek lot in Golden at 8:45 for a 9:00 departure. The total route is 75 miles with about 9000 feet of climbing. There are a number of ways to shorten this ride, but the official short route will skip the Stagecoach/Witter Gulch loop, making 51 miles.

Long/Challenge Series route:
Short Route:

Regroup Points:
Loaf-n-Jug in Bergen Park : mile 32
Loaf-n-Jug in Bergen Park (same store) : mile 51

This should be considered a drop ride although we will regroup on a periodic basis.

Note: This is obviously time of the year when rides may need to be re-routed/rescheduled/changed due to weather. If you're interested in this ride please RSVP so you'll be notified in the event there are changes.

Non-dues-paying members are welcome and invited to join us on any ride! After three rides we do ask that you join the club: