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The Rocky Mountain IPv6 Task Force is a regional sub-chapter of the North American IPv6 Task Force. The IPv6 Task Force is dedicated to the advancement and adoption of the Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6). The RMv6TF promotes IPv6 and works to educate the community on IPv6 and its benefits. The RMv6TF performs research and development and showcases IPv6 technology and services and shares this knowledge with the public. The RMv6TF works to put on local IPv6-focused events and further the use of IPv6 within the Rocky Mountain region. The RMv6TF is a non-profit/tax-exempt organization that industry and government can look to for guidance on IPv6 transition information and advice about best practices and solutions involving IPv6.

People who are interested in learning more about IPv6 and those who are actively working with IPv6 should join our group. Even if you are just curious about the protocol we welcome you to our group. If you have questions about how IPv6 works and how to get it deployed in your organization and in your community, then this is the group that can help you.

We have a large annual event and periodic local meetings. The local meetings are free to join, but the larger conference is a very low-cost event and even offers virtual attendance for little money.

This is a great group to join if you want to learn more about IPv6 and collaborate and share knowledge with those who have experience deploying IPv6.

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2017 North American IPv6 Summit


NANOG On The Road #11 - Denver - May 10, 2016

Denver Marriott Westminster

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