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Somebody Stole Your Product Idea-Now What?

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Presented by Robert Greenspoon-Chicago Area Patent Attorney (via Skype)

One of the bumps in the road to commercialization is dealing with copycats and knock-offs. What can you do about them as a small company or individual inventor? Robert Greenspoon, a Chicago trial and patent attorney, will give his views from the trenches, including the pro’s and con’s of joining forces with various types of businesses who help assert patent rights. Robert Greenspoon’s practice is diverse. He is a registered patent attorney representing operating companies as well as licensing entities, including both rights holders and companies accused of patent infringement.

Mr. Greenspoon’s 2009 law review article rekindled national interest in the idea of a patent small claims court. More recently, he presented on the small claims court idea at the Spring 2013 AIPLA meeting in Seattle, at a 2013 Chicago symposium that he co-produced, and at a USPTO Headquarters 2012 roundtable. Mr. Greenspoon is also a board member of the United Inventors Association of America and co-authored their response to the USPTO’s Request for Comment on the small claims court idea.

Mr. Greenspoon has also published on patent economic theory, favorably discussing the role of licensing companies in advancing innovation and public welfare. The overarching viewpoint in his extracurricular writings is that we must reduce transaction costs, so that the merits of a dispute, not opportunistic behavior, will more likely drive licensing outcomes. He believes that recently, Congress has unwittingly gifted infringers with more tools for opportunistic behavior, thereby skewing the abilities of rights holders to reach the merits of legitimate disputes.

Mr. Greenspoon has an active litigation and patent prosecution practice, and two of his current matters are among the “top 5” patent cases percolating in the U.S. courts: the Lighting Ballast Control matter at the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, and the 1st Media matter against Sony, an inequitable conduct appeal that he argued and won in 2012. Mr. Greenspoon leads 1st Media’s team in the current Supreme Court proceedings, and recently secured U.S. Government amicus support against further review of the appeals court win (to the great relief of inventors and the patent prosecution bar).


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