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******************************* DISCLAIMER ****************************

We are a NON-SEXUAL, family-friendly club. Please do not attempt to join if you are seeking a sexually oriented group or looking for a hook-up. Anyone who makes our members feel uncomfortable in this regard will be immediately removed and banned from the group. PERIOD! No exceptions.



The mission of Rocky Mountain Naturist Club is to promote clean and wholesome social nudism/naturism in the greater Denver area by providing a safe and secure environment for like-minded people to come together and share in family-oriented activities and gatherings.

Our gender-balanced membership consists of a diverse and non-judgemental group of naturists who believe that nudism/naturism is not about sex, but about body freedom and acceptance of the human form regardless of shape, size, skin color or sexual identification. We welcome and accept everyone in our club for the people they are, and you will always find a diverse mix of people of all types and backgrounds at our events.

Nudity is always optional at our gatherings. Most people exercise the option to be totally nude while others may be partially nude. We respect your right to choose the amount of clothing you need for your own level of comfort. There is never any pressure to be totally nude at our events.


While we are a pretty easy-going group of people, we must make sure all of our members fully understand our Rules and Requirements before joining our club, as well as the acceptable etiquette that is expected. The purpose is to ensure all of our members have a great time at our events and always feel comfortable, safe and secure.

1. Be an active and participating member of the club, meet new people and have fun!

2. Always be respectful of others and their personal space. Use your “moral compass” to help us promote an inclusive and family-friendly environment for all of our members to enjoy.

3. Touching and hugging other members is not permitted unless you know the other member well and your gestures are welcomed.

4. Touching anyone (including yourself) in the genital areas is never permitted at our gatherings.

5. Staring at the body or body parts of other members is creepy. Don’t be creepy.

6. Always bring a clean butt towel to sit on.

7. Profanity and lewd, sexually suggestive comments are never permitted.

8. Smoking and drug use is not permitted.

9. Beer and wine is allowed at many of our events, but hard liquor and mixed drinks are not.

10. Cell phone use at our events is strongly discouraged, and anyone caught using a cell phone camera will be immediately ejected and banned from the club.

11. Canvassing the members of this club for the promotion of your business, religion, or sales goals is strictly prohibited. This is a social club for fun and relaxation, not an audience for your cause.

12. Be on your best behavior at all times. Any action of yours that is construed by another member as being sexually suggestive, offensive and/or unwanted will get you ejected and banned from this club. No Exceptions!

Our primary goal is to maintain a safe and family friendly atmosphere within our club at all times and we will not hesitate to take appropriate action to keep it that way.


• You must be at least 21 years old to join.

• You must read and agree to follow the Rules, Requirements and Etiquette listed above.

• IMPORTANT: Please provide a clear and acceptable FACE photo on your profile, and make sure the photo also includes your spouse/significant other if joining as a couple. Only members of the club can see your profile photo. Genitalia pics and pictures of inanimate objects are not acceptable and will cause your application to be immediately denied.

• Please make sure you answer the profile questions thoroughly. We will NOT grant your request to join our club with short one and two-word answers on your questionnaire.

Thanks for your interest in our nudist/naturist friendly community. We look forward to meeting you!

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