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#69 Rapid-Fire Modular Sound Design Walkthroughs + The Aefonic

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The popular rapid-fire modular sound design walkthrough event is back this March at Madelife Boulder! This month’s performance will by The Aefonic (aka Brian Horsfield).

We’ll have up to 11 pre-selected presenters sharing some original complex and evolving sounds. If you are into modular synths, this should prove fun and inspiring. If you're not into modular synths (yet) I think you’ll find the presentations educational, sonicaly interesting, and fast paced. There will be time to mingle and ask questions of presenters after the rapid-fire rounds. Everyone bring headphones.

Checkout some photos from past sound design walkthrough events:

- March 2017 -
- January 2016 -

- 7-7:30 Arrive, get name tag, consider a donation. Presenters set up their rigs
- 7:30-7:45 Meetup kickoff and announcements.
- 7:45-8:45 Rapid-Fire Modular Sound Design Walkthroughs
- 8:45-9:15 Mingle and talk to presenters (bring headphones)
- 9:15- 9:40 Performance by The Aefonic
- 9:40-10:00 Mingle, tear down, load out

Each presenter will have 5 minutes to describe an original patch they have prepared ahead of time on hardware or software modular (ex Max, Reaktor, Aalto, Bazilla, ACE, Zebra, VCV Rack...). They will make sound and talk in-place from their rigs via 1/4” stereo outs. For hardware modulars I will have a live camera to project your patch. For virtual instrument presenters, use a laptop or mobile device that has HDMI, Mini DisplayPort, or Lightning port out for iPad. There will be a timer running and I'll be enforcing the time strictly to make sure everyone gets the same amount of time. If a presenter finishes early they can take questions up to the 5 minute mark. If fewer than 10 sign up, we'll extend the time for each presenter.

After the lightning rounds, there will be time during the mingling section of the night to visit with the presenters and ask more questions and check out their rigs.

There will be 10 presenters. I’ll do an initial round to illustrate format. I have invited 6 people ahead of time so we’d have a core group for the event.

1 - Mark Mosher - Virtual Modular (U-HE Bazilla)
2 - Mike Thomas - Hardware Modular
3 - Paul Brunck - Hardware Modular
4 - Jon Moshier - Hardware Modular
5 - Alex Alexander - Hardware Modular
6 - Victor John - Hardware Modular
7 - Matt Tanner - Hardware Modular
8 - Christoph Scholtes - Hybrid Modular (VCV Rack on Macbook Pro and 84HP Hardware Modular)
9 - Brian Horsfield - Hardware Modular & iPad
10 - (Tentative) Brian C French - Hardware Modular

The Aefonic is a long time electronic musician and synthesist. Originally from the North West of England (home of influential artists like Joy Division, New Order, The Smiths etc) now a permanent resident of Boulder, CO. After a long journey through classic synthesizers like Roland Jupiter 8, Prophets 1 & 5, Dave Smith OB6 and others which resulted in classic tracks & albums with collaborators like Mat Jarvis (GAS - EMIT 0095) The Aefonic is now focused on deep ambient & techno composition from Eurorack modular synthesis.

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