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We will begin in the supported Matsyasana (fish pose) to open the heart and throat chakras.

Mini energetic healings are performed on each person as I am guided. You may be amazed at what bubbles forth. Journaling is encouraged.
If you cannot comfortably lie on your back, ON THE FLOOR for 45 minutes, I do not recommend this class, but if you feel guided to this class – email me and we can discuss your options.

Bolsters, mats, blocks and blankets will be provided, and I will help arrange each person in the pose initially. (Please feel free to bring additional mats, pillows or blankets for comfort).

• The throat chakra is the body's gateway to spirituality, expression, compassion, and will. Too often neglected, this chakra bridges the divide between our inner and outer world. It shapes our circumstances and creates the conditions that manifest in our lives. Caring for the throat chakra promotes clarity, creativity, vitality, and balance, while blockages bring miscommunication, frustration, impatience, and addiction. Great for anyone who hunches over a computer all day.

• The heart chakra is connected to your lymphatic system, which is part of your immune system, these glands are gently stimulated in this modified yoga posture. You are also physically opening your rib cage and lungs while opening yourself to more love.

For those who want the oils, I will be using sweet fragrant Young Living Essential Oils such as rose, jasmine, bergamot, lavender, or rosemary to heighten the experience. I scan each person individually to let them know which chakra block(s) the focus will be on for the day, while I work with their energy as I am guided.

We will experience a chakra balance with the 7 main chakra bowls, while still in the modified Matsyasana pose. We will then have the option to change to Savasana (lying flat) if guided and allow for an even deeper relaxation and chakra tuning with the ending Sound Bath where all 15 harmonically matched bowls will be utilized. In addition to the Bowls, we now end each Sunday circle with the ancient and penetrating vibrational tones of the powerful Gongs!

As with all of my classes, each session will be different, as I allow the universe to guide me to add any words of wisdom, mini readings or extra healing as needed.

**** As a courtesy to all attendees, please arrive at 12:40 and no later than 12:55pm so that we may begin promptly at 1:00pm. The doors are closed and meditation begins almost immediately, so we cannot accommodate late arrivals. ****

First-timers: email me to receive more parking details & directions to my location in Rocky Point NY 11778

Late Cancellations/No-Show Policy:
Cancellations respectfully requested by 6pm Sat., so that others may come. I certainly understand that on occasion unforeseen circumstances and emergencies cannot be avoided. However, 2 No-Shows and more than 3 very Late Cancellations (after 10am) result in removal from the group.

Sacred and Fragile:
All items related sound healing, crystals, instruments and other tools are sacred and fragile. Please refrain from touching any items without permission and as a gesture of honor, never enter the sacred circle area where I play.


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