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The Roddy Round Up is a monthly gathering of local real estate experts assembled specifically to help answer your questions, assist you with your deals, and most importantly, provide you with the necessary insights to determine what (if any) investment strategies will ultimately help you acheive your financial goals. Click the "Learn more about this Meetup Group" link below to see the Round Up format... The best part? No selling at these events and everything is free!!! There’s no headliner schilling their $1,000 CD program or Florida boot camp for some strategy that's probably illegal in Texas and no vendors trying to sell you something you have no interest in. Just in-market case studies done by local investors and an occasional guest speaker discussing something relevant. The Round Ups are always free and don't require you to sit through some overhyped infomercial or walk through an alley of trade show booths filled with aggressive vendors. The Subject Matter Experts are simply there to help. If you like what they have to say, just ask for their card. Please come, learn, and network. It’s that simple. Who is Roddy.com? We’re the market leader in supporting investors and real estate professionals in Texas real estate. We've been providing investors education, data, and investment opportunities for over 45 years. We only focus on Texas and are experts in Texas investing strategies.

Past events (7)

April Roddy Round Up

The Westin Dallas Fort Worth Airport

February Roddy Round Up

DFW Airport Marriott South

January Roddy Round Up

DFW Airport Marriott South

November Roddy Round Up (New Location)

Bob Duncan Center

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