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A Makerspace is a physical place for technically interested people may meet to work and cooperate on fun and interesting technical projects.

Our projects range from electronics, to laser cutting and 3D printing, wood working, knitting and geeky conversations.

No 1337 skills required, just a little interest and the desire to learn.

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Remote Control (Autonomous) Jet Ski
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

End Goal: An autonomous surface vehicle that can go pick up a target with a range of 10 km and tow it back to the starting position. Getting to target fairly quickly, towing back at low speed. Intermediate Goal: Same as above, but 1 km to start with. I plan to purchase an old used full size jet ski to be used as a test platform. The first step will be to make it remote controlled. The second will be FPV, and the third will be to introduce some degree of self control, or ability to follow waypoints. A natural fourth goal would be half way position holding (circling), or some sort of proper DP function. The project will require people will different backrounds and obviously take more than a weekend to complete. I have various RC equipment, multicopter wookong M purchased with 50 waypoint upgrade and telemetry, an OSD with GPS and compass, a couple of Go Pro cameras, a gymbal, etc. I believe the technology exists today to do this without a military budget. I also have a 16 ft Zodiac RIB with 50 HP which can be used as the Mother Ship, or to water ski, tube, knee board, etc ..... If Mythbusters can drive full size vehicles around with RC radio's, we can too. It would be nice to get a list of people that would be interested in trying to make this happen.

Build your own camera slider
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Several of the makerspace members have signalled the wish for a motorized camera slider and have decided to jump into it and make their own :) There are many options and published instructions on how to make a slider and we need to decide if we build similar kits or if we adjust for our own needs. My suggetion is to use Igus Drylin rails with Nema 17/23 steppers and belt drive. I have examples of Igus rail parts available if you are interested in knowing more about it. The build will consist of the physical slide, electronics and code. Often sliders only feature 1-axis movement, but it would be fun to look into gimbal stabilization for multi axis movement and stabilisation. In addition it would be nice with a wireless handheld controller. We need to decide on parts to use before ordering, so we will not start to build before January the earliest. One of many examples of a camera slider: http://youtu.be/n3Ak0AF9faU

Lyst på å være med i en sparrings-/utviklingsgruppe på Vitenfabrikken?

Jeg er i gang med utvikling av nye aktiviteter på Vitenfabrikken i forbindelse med MakerSpace/koding og kunne veldig gjerne tenke meg å få kontakt med noen som kunne tenke seg å være med i en lekende sparrings-/utviklingsgruppe på Vitenfabrikken. Tidspunkt avhenger av gruppens medlemmer, men alle møter vil bli på Vitenfabrikken. Foreløpige temaer: - WeDo/Scratch - MakeBlock/Scratch/Arduino - Myke elektroniske strømkretser (Arduino med LilyPad, Flora, Gemma etc.) - Kinnect/Scratch - Makey-Makey/Scratch Hvis dere har lyst til å være med, så ta kontakt med meg på [masked] Ta også gjerne kontakt hvis dere har spørsmål :-) Vennlig hilsen Hanne

Build your own PCB workstation with articulated arms

Some of you might have seen the nice project that was published on Thingiverse recently: PCB Workstation with Articulated Arms (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:801279). This is a very versatile piece of kit that I suspect many of you could have a need for. It can easily be used to hold other items than PCBs. And the arms can be adapted for other uses than the electronics related tips in the photo above. Our imagination is the limit. To reduce the 3D printing time we could replace some of the parts with laser cut parts and flexible coolant pipes. This would most likely make it easier if many wants to participate. https://youtu.be/XdOG609ajBo If most of the kit is 3D printed it would cost almost nothing, but replacing some parts with laser cut parts etc it would still most likely be between 100,- to 200,- NOK. Now that Creator has opened we have access to a laser cutter and we plan on setting the date very soon.

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