MASKS: The Next Generation - Halcyon City Chronicles (Issue #6 - Takeover!)

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At Ease Games Gaming & Tournament Center

8990 Miramar Rd #150 · San Diego, CA

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Masks: A New Generation borrows its rules framework, and many ideas about stories and story telling from the Powered by Apocalypse system . Masks: A New Generation, comes from a long traditions of young superhero stories such as "Young Justice" "Avengers Academy" and "Teen Titans" just to name a few.

It is a fun rpg that puts you in the shoes of teenage superheroes learning what it means to be a super in a world with a rich history of supers. Whether they be friends, rivals, love interests, or allies is up in the air but one this is certain and that is you are always teammates.

They are young; they've got abilities that make them special; they wear costumes; they use codenames; they save people; and they do it together. They are growing up in Halcyon City, a place with plenty of older supers who provide an endless clamor of voices telling them who to be, and these young heroes are all trying to figure out their own way.

Come join us for Issue 5 of the Halcyon City Chronicles


-Aniruddh / Rudy