Genesys-palooza: Weird War - "Down with the Reich!" (Part 3)

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Hello one and all, this is the fifth month of Genesys-Palooza!

I have been diligently working on an amazing series of RPG adventures using the Genesys System from Fantasy Flight Games. What does this mean exactly? I'm glad you asked!

Each month I will be running an adventure using the Genesys System Each story slated to last anywhere from three to four sessions; and each month there will be a new setting! For September, we will be delving into the alternate history of my Weird War Setting!

_ _ _ _ _ _
Setting: War-Torn Europe
Genre: Weird War
Short Description: In April of 1945, General Herman Von Heizinger, head of the 3rd Reich’s 13th occult division of the Obscura corps, in an effort to perverse the life of Hitler and on the heels of the allied forces victory performed a ritual that succeeded in resurrecting Heinrich Reffle von Richtenberg, the 33rd grand master of the Teutonic Knights, who had died in Konigsberg in 1477. His spirit bound into Hitlers body allowed the Fuhrer to become immortal but gave him access to magically powers of which the Earth had never seen. The release of Richtenberg’s spirit into the world did have side effects.

_ _ _ _ _ _
“Down with the Reich” is an adventure of three acts that follows a group of soldiers of the allied forces crossing into enemy territory on a mission of Intel and Sabotage!

FYI: This month will be a different in that we will be making our own soldiers as opposed to pre-gens. This session (9/27) will be the finale of the full arc