Story Games Meetup - GAME EMPIRE

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10 people went

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The Story Games meetup is a oneshot where everyone who is interested in trying a game brings it along with everything needed to play the game including, dice, characters sheets, cheat sheets etc.

Depending on how many people show up we'll split into groups and start a game. We only have about 4 hours and want to get playing quickly so anyone who wants to run a game should be ready to teach the game and bring premade characters or make sure character generation is short.

A Story Game is any game that tells a story. That means that all rpgs like Dungeons & Dragon, Shadowrun and Vampire tM are Story Games. However, they also include games that many might not consider a typical rpg (no GM or dice, combat can be resolved in a single roll, games like Fiasco, Burning Wheel, Lady Blackbird, Apocalypse World).

What is important is a willingness to try new things whether your an experienced gamer or new to the hobbie. Everyone is more than welcome to bring games you want to play. Traditional games are welcome just as much as indie games.