Masks - Origin City Studies (Case Study #5 - Aequitas) Group A


The northeastern region of the United States of America is plagued by a destructive, deadly epidemic known as "Hazard Factor Disorder," which causes superpowers to run wild. To combat this threat, the federal government has placed a special administrative division, "ADVENT," in charge of the area. Their headquarters, located in Origin City, Massachusetts is at the forefront of researching containment methods, countermeasures, and hopefully, one day, a cure.

Enter "Team TANGENT," the newest superhero crew in Origin City. Consisting of young supers from all walks of life, Team TANGENT has yet to fully establish its goals and identity. Regardless, they have caught the attention of every major player in the city. For better or worse.

Case Study #5 starts with a priority ADVENT assignment...

GM Notes: Now that we're starting to organize more, I will use the GM notes area for a bit more info on the adventure.

This adventure involves a mission to protect a contentious mayoral candidate. It is likely to have more combat than most adventures I write!