Genesys-palooza--swashbuckling adventures--session 2



Welcome to the monthly Genysys palooza. Each month will be a different setting to showcase the flexibility of genesys. I am the ST this month. My name is John.

Tekneekolor a city where electric towers and zeppelins fill the skies. Nobles and hunters recline across the sky often towards crackling towers. The lurching towers protect the colorful city below from ghost incursions. Not that it is the only defense. Hunters track and catch ghosts to produce the technologies that benefit the wonders of the city. The safety and sunlight bring about tourism and its proximity to old ruins carrying vapor. Vapor is used to attack ghosts in their ephemeral forms. The only two other ways is to use baby tears (a repugnant option) or to cozy up with the church and use holy water. Thanks to the vapor the society is able to refuse the advances of the inquisition. Adventurous captains, Hunters, and swashbucklers of all sorts came with the promise of cheaper way of catching ghosts. People came with their sharp swords, wits and stylish clothes. Ships swarmed in so often that the government could not longer keep track. Smugglers found this wonderful haven; bringing baby tears, slaves, and a drug called wonder. So much money brought to the city the nobles ignore events down below. Living in their towers filled with electricity and running water. Nobles refuse the assistance the plight of Gloom refugees. There is not enough room and jobs to handle those who want entrance. Unscrupulous hunters prey upon the desperate. The societies see wrongs and opportunities and throw their hands into the mix.

Opposed to Teknikolor, Gloom has a very different culture and geography. The storms rack the air on any given day. Rain constantly pours across the streets. The sun is almost never out. The street lights keep the grey dim streets barely lit often with burning ozone in the air from various electric powered generators. The dimness and mist so thick people are unable to distinguish ghost from man. Their ghost wards often failing but these predators are not the ones people worry about the most. Criminals rule the streets while the government watches impotently against them. People move at a slower pace as they try to avoid entanglements with those criminal overlords. Street wars are fought to gain turf. People using guns so it is easier to escape in the darkness. Opposed to Teknikolor, Gloom finds close quarter weapons distasteful, thinking of them used by assassins and fools. The glim light in the darkness are storms seem to protect against Níðhöggr (the world serpent). There has never been a sighting of the beast in these parts. Rain also brings fresh water. A component used a coolant and component for a cheaper engine as opposed to Tekneekolor ecto cooled engines.

Where last we left our swashbucklers--The ships ghosts had awaken from their computer slumber. A dashing man was captured behind bars with ancient warding symbols. The pirates had surrendered above decks. What will our adventurers do? Will they try and knock strain down in order to put the ghosts back into their computer cages? Will they attack them to defend themselves even if that leaves them without computers needed to float their ship? Will they use the other ship that can fly without computers? We will see on our next installment of Swashbuckling Adventures!!!
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