RPGs-n-Brew: "Alien Planet" (Cypher System)


Hello everyone! This is a long time coming but as some of you may know we have been trying to branch out at different locations for gaming.

One of these said locations is the Longship brewery. It has beer and tables and a fun environment. We will be having a few games running on this day and time but this meetup is just for the game I will be running.

Stay tuned for the other meetups that will be occurring on this day! Now onto my flavor text!

"Alien Planet" is a cypher short sci-fi story using Monte Cook Games Cypher system that follows the crew of the Starship Curie to the the life-bearing planet designated QS 237b to fufill their Primary and secondary missions.

Primary Mission: To conduct a a survey of this planet. explore and e=record everything.

Secondary Mission: Figure out what happened to scientist Cetewaya Taing who went missing on this planet two Sol-standard years earlier.

Pre-gens will be provided! All that is needed is a d20, d6, d10 and d%

Thanks and see ya there!