Halcyon City Chronicles: Phoenix Academy Issue #1 - Icebreakers


Masks, is at its core, a game about identity. For many teenagers, the first place to test their changing identities is high school. High school can be a harrowing experience full of self-doubt, dark feeling, ad unfair situations. It can be a place full of wise mentors, peer support networks, and memories that last a lifetime. Most often a mix of the good and the bad, it's chock full of influences that drive the drama in a game of Masks. Onto the flavor text!


Its Issue #1 of HCC: PA - Icebreakers!


Back in the bronze generation there was an event, called The Flicker. something happened for a split second and in that second everyone lost their powers temporarily For some it was a hiccup but for others it spelled their doom. In particular, is the death of the First Lady at the hands of The Communist.

Now something similar has happened, over the cloudy skies of London, England in a flash of immense orange light the UK was changed forever. This event has been called The Flare and overnight we saw the first superheroes outside of the US ever. All across the UK simple people, kids, adults, teens gained power and no one knows why.

Its a very tense time in the world of Super Politics and as a chance to make something good out of this chaos the UN has authorized a new initiative dubbed Project Hope. A small group of teenagers from the UK are about to have the culture shock of their lives as they are sent across the Atlantic Ocean and enrolled in Halcyon City's famous Superhero High school, Phoenix Academy....


Its Day 1 of Phoenix Academy's semester! All manner of super powered kids from all across the United Super States of America are heading to registration and picking up their class schedules! But for a select few students they have come from much further away and their time in school is more than just good grades and good behavior. Their success or failure will pave the way for the future generation of International Supers coming to the USSA for hero education. No pressure right?

*Warning bell rings*
"crap where is room I-330?"