Genesys-palooza: Romance - "A Plan of Passion" (Session 2)


Hello one and all, this is the sixth month of Genesys-Palooza!

I have been diligently working on an amazing series of RPG adventures using the Genesys System from Fantasy Flight Games. What does this mean exactly? I'm glad you asked!

Each month I will be running an adventure using the Genesys System Each story slated to last anywhere from three to four sessions; and each month there will be a new setting! For February love is in the air as valentines day cometh and some love stories are worth telling we are going into a Romance/Heist type story of my own creation!

Setting: Modern Day
Short Description: Love is one of the major motivations of many humans in the world. The need to be loved, to feel connected. Sometimes the love of our life is right in front of us but we can't even see it. This is where the cupids come in and when this group of cupids is assigned to bring two individuals together to save all of mankind things can get really interesting!

"A Plan of Passion" is an adventure of three acts that follows a group of Cupids who have been given a task by the Big Guy themselves. Two individuals on Earth who are completely different need to get together or the entire world will suffer! But the two don't even know each other exists. Its time for them to get a push in the right direction!

This month, unlike the last few months there will be pre-gens only because this is such a specific setting that requires a specific jobs/classes.