ANIMA: Beyond Fantasy "Spawn of Corruption" Session #7

The San Diego Roleplaying Association
The San Diego Roleplaying Association
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At Ease Games Gaming & Tournament Center

8990 Miramar Rd #150 · San Diego, CA

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If you're interested and would like to know more, message me for an invite to the group Discord.

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Session #7: As Jorgonstauf and Ninth pursue a lead on the Crows in Derouth, Niols & Alphonse find themselves involved in dangerous game of escape for the monstrous Reist, the Wildland Devil. Will the hunt and breakout take the lives and sanity of the party or will they create an opportunity to exploit the Black Suns for the information they need?

Main Synopsis: An aristocrat, Baron Deihenzre, in the center of the Abel Empire, believes his home province in the North, to be besieged by some unknown force. He isn’t sure if it’s raiders from the Northern Lands of Goldar (ungoverned by the Empire) or any of the multiple underworld factions vying for power, but a final letter from his departed grandmother leads him to believe that something far more sinister may be plaguing his old home. He’s hiring adventurers to investigate and resolve whatever matters are happening and confirm the forces at play.

*Feel free to drop by to see if the game intrigues you. Group is at/near capacity, but open to the possibility of 1 more member.