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Old World of Darkness MAGE 20th Anniversary

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Every 2 weeks on Saturday until March 29, 2019

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• What we'll do
We will be playing Mage Ascension 20 Anniversary edition. The game is set in current time. The players will be playing Tradition mages trying to establish themselves in San Diego.
Mage is a setting were some people gain the ability shape reality through force of will. The main goal is for mages is to reach ascension; however, different fractions emerged and disagreed what ascension is and about how to achieve it. This lead to the Ascension War. The Technocracy think they won the Ascension War but they may have call it earlier.

The factions:
• The Traditions, whose devotion to mystic wonder ranges from weird science to bloody rituals.
• The Technocracy, dedicated to an orderly world under their command.
• The Nephandi, to whom light and hope are the ultimate hypocrisy.
• The Marauders, who see chaos as the ultimate Truth.
• The Disparates refuse to join a side and work instead toward personal power or the welfare of their chosen people.

Nine Traditions:
• Akashic Brotherhood/ Akashayana – Masters of mind, body, and spirit through the Arts of personal discipline. Affinity Spheres: Mind or Life
• Celestial Chorus – Sacred singers who give a human Voice to the Divine Song. Affinity Spheres: Prime, Forces, or Spirit
• Cult of Ecstasy/ Sahajiya – Visionary seers who transcend limitations through sacred experience. Affinity Spheres: Time, Life, or Mind
• Dreamspeakers/ Kha’vadi – Preservers and protectors of both the Spirit Ways and the Earthly cultures that have been looted, abandoned, and oppressed. Affinity Spheres: Spirit, Forces, Life, or Matter
• Euthanatoi /Chakravanti – Disciples of mortality who purge corruption and bring merciful release from suffering. Affinity Spheres: Entropy, Life, or Spirit
• Order of Hermes – Rigorous masters of High Magick and the Elemental Arts. Affinity Spheres: Forces
• Sons of Ether/ Society of Ether – Graceful saviors of scientific potential. Affinity Spheres: Matter, Forces, or Prime
• Verbena – Primal devotees of rough Nature and mystic blood. Affinity Spheres: Life or Forces
• Virtual Adepts – Reality-hackers devoted to rebooting their world. Affinity Spheres: Correspondence/ Data or Forces

Nine Magic Spheres
• Correspondence – the element of connection between apparently separated things.
• Entropy – the principle of chance, fate, and mortality.
• Forces – the understanding of elemental energies.
• Life – keys to the mysteries of life and death.
• Matter – the principles behind supposedly inanimate objects.
• Mind – exploration of the potentials of consciousness.
• Prime – an understanding of the Primal Energy within all things.
• Spirit – comprehension of Otherworldly forces and inhabitants.
• Time – the strange workings of chronological forces and perceptions.

• What to bring
Paper, Pencil & Ten-sided dice if you have them otherwise I have some extra. I will have some pre-made characters. If anyone wants to make their own character, I will be there at noon to help anyone. Also, here is pdf of the character sheet, please print it out if you want to make your own character.

• Important to know