Classic Modules, 5th Edition Rules @Lestats Hillcrest

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Every week on Monday

Lestat's Hillcrest

1041 University Ave · San Diego, CA

How to find us

The cheapest longterm paid parking is at the US Post Office 2 blocks to the East (I believe it was $5 for 9 hours of parking). Street Parking and parking lots vary and may take some time. There are multiple bus stops very close to here.

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I am running a campaign that will feature old school TSR modules alongside adventures from Troll Lord, Frog God, and Goodman Games. Currently, we have a well rounded party of 6 or 7 level 1 adventurers, but I love big groups, so we are looking for more.

This game will run every week on Monday nights barring something unusual.

I do use some house rules - including gold to exp, changing how rests work, etc, and I am also happy to take a look at homebrew content you'd like to playtest. During session 0, the players did decide to use 5th Edition rules and run in my homebrew setting rather than a published setting - so with that in mind I have created an abridged game document from my notes.

I hope to see you there.

I also have a discord server mostly for online games - but you might reach me faster there.
Same goes for this group's server (though I can't find a link).

PS. I think it would be cool if this were a larger meetup with multiple GMs and lots of games. Let me know if that's something you'd like to do and I can change the event for future weeks.