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GamerCon XI - Call for GMs

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Every 2 weeks on Thursday until January 1, 2020

Needs a location


We're now at the 6 month mark for GamerCon XI - Into the Grid.

I'm putting out my Call for Gamemasters for the Pits of Chaos. (Non-organized play). Last year was great, we had 30-40 players playing in games on Friday and Saturday, including 9 players playing in a single session of Call of Cthulhu.

This years theme is Cyberpunk. So I will be giving preferential treatment to players running the following games
Cyberpunk 2020, 2077
Shadowrun (Any edition)
Interface Zero (Savage Worlds)
Hack the Planet (Forged in the Dark)
Android - Shadow of the Beanstalk (Genysis)
Mutant Crawl Classics where hacking could be included, a Matrix Crawl?
other cyberpunk themed games not on this list.

(1) 4-hour session will get you in for the day you run the event.
(2) 4-hour sessions will get you a full event pass.
(3) 3-hour or (4) 2-hours sessions at an accelerated table. (this is perfect for introductory games, or character creation sessions.) Or combination adding up to 8-hours.

The first GM signed up for any preferred game run on Friday or Saturday, will get a full event pass as well. Gamemasters will receive a discount coupon code as well to send to their regular group.

GM Responsibilities
Your table was reserved for you, please show up on time, if you’re going to be late, let me or other con staff know so we can let your player’s know.

Hygiene - Please shower daily during the convention, this is an old building, with lots of stairs, scent lingers.
Respect - Please respect your players and fellow gamemasters, as well as other attendees of the convention.
PG13 - There are kids that attend this convention. Watch your tongue around them. If you have a mature game, it will be in the late slot, and secluded. Let me know.
Trigger Warnings - If your game includes sensitive topics, please include them in the description, so players may make an informed decision, also let me know so I can put you at a table in a more out of the way area. Examples include rape, slavery, racism, molestation, gore, etc.
Cyberpunk is full of adult themes, I expect many games this year will feature more mature games.

Game Responsibilities
Know the system. You don’t need to be perfect, but if you’re referencing the rules for half the game, you maybe should have run a different system. If you’re running something for the first time, or as a beta test of rules, Add that information to your game description so people know it’s going to be rough. Some people love that, others hate it, Make sure they’re informed. You may even get someone to assist.
Come prepared: Try to make sure you have everything you need to run your game. Obvious examples include character sheets and dice. We all make mistakes, and some of us traveled to get to the con.
Be Inclusive: With the exception of young children in a mature game, you shouldn’t turn anyone away. You are the referee at your table as well, so if you see a player treating another player poorly, you are encouraged to ask them to leave your table.
Punctuality: Your table was reserved for you, please show up on time, if you’re going to be late, let me or other con staff know so we can let your player’s know. Sometimes games run long, however, please try to finish up your game at least 15 minutes before the next session, as well as closing. Leave enough time to pack up.
Culpability: Life happens, illness happens. If you need to reschedule or cancel your event, let me know as soon as you know. If you think you might be coming down, give me a heads-up, so I might be able to set-up back-up plans. IF YOU JUST DON’T SHOW, YOU WILL BE PUT ON PROBATION. Meaning, you will have to run early games only, and be issued day passes for those days, if you make your two events, you will be given a full pass.

Contact me at [masked] or at the @gamercon.com email to be posted at a later date.