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Dungeon World interest meeting
We're going to start a biweekly Dungeon World game at At Ease and we want to know who's interested! The ideal group will be 3 or 4 players, with Juan as our gracious GM. With Dungeon World, the specifics of the world come about once the players start talking, and that's what we hope this meeting will be. It will also allow us to see how a potential group meshes, but that's not to say you should already be experienced with this system or even have any RPG experience at all. All you need is interest, a cooperative spirit, and something to write with! Depending on attendance and other decisions, we may go straight into character creation and even play a bit. Dungeon World is very quickstart, and you don't need to have a character concept prepared if you're like me and stress character creation every. damn. time. - India Please, feel free to ask any questions! While we wait for our Meetup, go and give a listen to Spout Lore podcast ( to have an idea of what we are aiming for. - Juan [cross-posted to Geek Girls of San Diego]

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