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Its Open Pathfinder Society Night at Hammer Hall Gaming. Every Thursday Night is organized by one of your friendly neighborhood Venture Officers. Have you ever wanted to try Dungeons and Dragons? This is a great way to get introduced to the best RPG out there. Whether you have played 1st or 3.5 Pathfinder by itself is a great RPG, but add an on going campaign were what you do has real consquences for those who play across the world.

New Players and Vets:

What do you need to get started. Absolutely nothing but a pencil and some dice (we have dice dice) We have pregenerated characters at 1st, 4th, and 7th level and a wide varitiy of character classes to choose from the classics of Clerics and fighters to the new : Samauri and Gunslingers. We can take take you through character creation as while, but we ask that you show up at least an hour early.

If you are feeling froggy and want to make a character and bring it then by all means do so :D Its 20 point buy and you start with a 150 gp. The rules for character creation can be downloaded for free at look for the Pathfinder Society hyperlink click and then go to player resources on the right. Look for the Players guide to Pathfinder Society. You will also find the other helpful links and rule FAQs.

Another thing to note is that if you play a pregen.....YOU still get credit that you can apply to a character. Experience and leveling are done a bit different in PFS. After each scenairo you get 1 XP, after you earn 3 XP you level. I know its a bit different from the normal way D&D is done, but since this is a living campaign somethings are changed to help with the paperwork. Trust me I do not miss Time Units or wondering if I remembered to record the XP for the gray ooze i just splatted. If you have any questions feel free to reply below, email me or one of your local venture officers.

Are there any other events here in Jacksonville and in Florida??

There are many events throughout JAXs I am proud to say. We post those events on here, The Other World Meetup Group, Paizo (look under events) and (this site is were all the up to date info can be found about any Pathfinder Society Event here in the State of Florida from conventions to your weekly gamedays at >insert Store Name here< Who do we support? Any store that hosts us :D Who do you support? Your Local gaming Store. Whether you are on the east side or north side of Jax. Support your Store. Do not let chain stores of big business take away the place we play (this is not just a PFS thing its about our Hobby as a whole)

Who runs the game days at Hammer Hall?

That would be Venture Lt. Patrick one of the three VOs here in Jacksonville. he is there just about every Thursday night. He is the store Liason to Hammer Hall Gaming. If you want to find out more about PFS at Hammer hall he is the man to ask. Chris and Amanda are the the store side of the support and our hosts for PFS. If you ever have any questions poke at Patrick or if you dont see him check the board or ask a staff member.